Janome Sewing Machines: The Company

Janome Sewing Machines

Janome is one of the most popular sewing machine brands in the market. The brand is known for producing sewing machines that offer its customers ease of use, quality, and reliability. Many Janome sewing machine users tend to be loyal and stay with the same brand for many years.

How to Thread a Janome Sewing Machine


Threading a sewing machine might sound like a complicated process, especially for those with little experience. But any sewing enthusiast will tell you that you don’t need any unique techniques to thread your sewing machine successfully. Here are all the steps for how to thread a Janome sewing machine.

History of Quilting in America


Quilting is a stitching technique that has been present in human history for quite some time. Through the ages, there is evidence that many cultures developed variations of the quilting technique to create items that would keep them warm and physically protect them. However, quilts have also been used as … Read more

Where to Recycle Sewing Machines

old sewing machine

Many people tend to get attached to their first piece of equipment, making it difficult to part ways with it. Indeed, you might feel connected to your old sewing machine, especially if you used it for several years or if it was gifted to you by someone important in your life. If your machine malfunctions, you can still try to repair and maintain it to the best of your ability, and there are several ways to do that. However, when the time comes and you are ready for a change, you should think about recycling it before getting a new one. Let’s take a look into how and where to recycle sewing machines.

Singer Sewing Machines: The Company

Singer Sewing Machines

Singer is perhaps one of the most known and long-respected sewing machine manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1851 by American inventor and businessman Isaac Merritt Singer, the company now ranks at the top of the world’s best sewing machine companies list.

Baby Lock Sewing Machine Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

person sewing with Baby Lock Sewing Machine

Not all sewing machines are created equal, and in the modern era, the innovations seen with sewing machinery have made the process much easier than years ago. Of all the various models released over the years, Baby Lock sewing machines are some of the most popular and well-reviewed. A Baby … Read more

What Is a Long Arm Quilting Machine?

Smiling person works on a long arm sewing machine in her studio

Quilting is a type of sewing that requires a durable machine in addition to a range of feet to support the thickness of the fabric. But there are some benefits to be found when considering a long arm quilting machine, which can cut the work in half and provide you … Read more

How To Use a Sewing Machine: For Beginners

Modern sewing machine

When it comes to using a sewing machine, there are typically two types of initial responses. There are those who take to using a sewing machine naturally and those who need some guidance when navigating the machine. Fortunately, using a sewing machine is not difficult once you understand the basics … Read more