How To Use a Sewing Machine: For Beginners

Modern sewing machine

When it comes to using a sewing machine, there are typically two types of initial responses. There are those who take to using a sewing machine naturally and those who need some guidance when navigating the machine. Fortunately, using a sewing machine is not difficult once you understand the basics … Read more

Sewing For Beginners: Some Projects For You To Try

Sewing has become increasingly popular over the last few years as handicrafts of all kinds of come back in fashion again. Once thought of as only a hobby for children or pensioners, today, women (and, indeed, some men) have recognized that sewing can be a lot of fun as well … Read more

Must Do Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips

More people are starting to invest in sewing machines for their own personal use, however quite often they find that they break down due to lack of maintenance. Whether you’re a first time sewing machine user or a highly experienced sewer, you could benefit from some tips about how to … Read more

Types Of Sewing Machines You Should Know About

Whether you’re brand new to sewing or whether it’s been a number of years since you bought your last sewing machine and you’re wondering how the market has changed, it’s pretty important to know about the different types of machines available so that you can make the right choice for … Read more

Sewing Tools & Notions Every Needleworker Should Have On Hand

Whether you’re brand new to needlework or whether you’re already a keen sewer and just want to check that you have everything you need to maximize your enjoyment of your sewing projects, there are some sewing tools and notions that every keen needleworker should invest in. The term “sewing notions” … Read more