How To Shop For Sewing Tables

A sewing machine table is an item you must consider very carefully as it will be an essential part of your work. If you are a professional seamster, you will want a sewing table that can hold your equipment and have enough sewing cabinets to store all your tools and materials. Moreover, since you will be spending a lot of time working, you will need a sewing table that is comfortable and good for your posture.

Why Sewing Tables Are Important

It is no secret that having an organized workspace makes you more productive, but this is especially true for seamsters. Experienced and inexperienced seamsters know that sewing becomes easier the more organized you are.

With a good sewing table, you can store your notions and your material in your drawers, which prevents you from losing them. Keeping your tools far away from your working station makes your life more difficult and continually going back and forth is not a productive way to spend your time.

Depending on the project you are working on, you might have to adjust your workspace. For some projects, you might only need a small amount of space to work. However, some projects make you need more space to work on.

A table with a larger surface will make your work more comfortable and more efficient. Therefore, adjustability should be something important to consider when looking to purchase a new sewing machine table.

Ergonomics is crucial for your work. Spending all day working on a table can distort your posture and cause you pain and health issues. If your job requires you to work for many hours while sitting down, you should have a table that makes performing tasks easy.

What To Look For in Sewing Tables

There are quite a few things to consider before you begin searching for a new sewing machine table.


You need first to consider the space you have available. Does your space permit you to get bigger-sized furniture? This will help you choose between sewing tables and sewing tables with cabinets. Sewing cabinets tend to be larger, so they are not appropriate for smaller-sized spaces. Also, measure your space to know what you're looking for. This will make your search easier.


Getting new storage space is one of the most critical elements for a sewing table. Multiple drawers and cabinets will help you most efficiently divide and organize your materials. It is very common for a seamster to leave a project unfinished at the end of the day due to this type of work being time-consuming. Therefore, you do not want to leave your needles, threads, fabrics, and patterns all mixed up.

Moreover, storing space prevents you from losing things, which is important considering that lost needles that have fallen on the floor can cause injuries. Of course, additional storage units can always be purchased but getting a table with sufficient storage is essential.

Design & Features

You should look for a sewing table with a very sturdy design. A machine tends to make regular tables tremble, so you need a strong sewing table that will not shake while you work. This could disrupt your work or even cause an accident if you use a regular table with not as strong legs.

Another thing to look into is the size of the surface area. There are different sizes available, so you must select one that allows you to do many things. Select based on your needs and the type of tasks you know you will do.

Besides fitting your sewing machine, your table should also allow you to perform other work-related tasks such as ironing or pressing, pinning eams, cutting, etc. For example, if you do quilting, you will require more space. A sewing table with a quilting arm should allow you to perform the task with ease.

Perhaps you can look for sets with adjustable shelves, which you can move up and down depending on your needs during each task. Sewing machine tables with the ability to receive inserts are also excellent. With an insert, you can make your table surface flush, which will allow you to do flat-bed sewing.


Since many seamsters work from home, they need a sewing machine table that can be easily adjusted. If you have your table in a central space in your house, perhaps a table with wheels will allow you to transfer it to another room when you need to do so (i.e., when you have guests over). Other tables have compartments that can fold and cover your working space.

As mentioned earlier, ergonomics is critical to consider as well. You should be able to adjust your chair and your machine's height to allow you to work in a position that corrects your posture. This will avoid pain and fatigue and make you more predictive when you work. For example, if your chair is positioned in front of the needle and not in front of the machine, then the way you sit makes it more comfortable on your body.


There are many different options in terms of cost for sewing machine tables. All the above details will also affect the price you will be looking at. Thankfully, there are also many affordable options, so the chance of getting a relatively inexpensive but good-quality sewing table is high.

Our Favorite Sewing Tables

Searching for good-quality and practical sewing machine tables can be long and overwhelming, so here are our top recommendations.

1. Pro – Kangaroo Kabinets Aussie Studio and Dingo II WHITE Sewing Cabinets with Air Lift

Kangaroo Kabinets Aussie Studio and Dingo II WHITE Sewing Cabinets with Air Lift

Every seamster knows that space is key to being able to work efficiently. The Aussie set provides you with all the space you need and more. There is a lot of storage space for all your materials, but you need to know that this set is quite large, so you have to ensure that you measure the available space before making your purchase. Thankfully, the top of the cabinet folds over, so you can adjust your space at any point.

Regarding the set’s cost, you do get the analog quality and perhaps better. The assembly can take you some time and be slightly challenging, but it should not be a problem as long as you use the instructions. If you need a visual guide on how to put the sewing table machine together, watch the video below!

If you are looking for more ergonomic ways to work, there is a big trend in custom inserts for sewing cabinets. You can learn more about why you should consider custom inserts for your Aussie sewing cabinet in the video below!

The Aussie II sewing cabinet set features a storage cabinet and cutting table, a hydraulic sewing chair, and custom acrylic sewing inserts.

  • Large lift opening accommodates up to 55lb
  • Rear quilt leaf expands the work surface
  • Pull-out caddy provides a secondary workstation for a serger and includes two drawers and the capacity to store serger and notions
  • Includes wood panel to place over sewing well
  • Includes nine storage drawers
  • 44″ x 38″ cutting mat also included
  • 3 door bins (1 large and two small) for extra storage
  • Height-adjustable chair with hidden storage compartment underneath


2. Premium – Kangaroo MOD Lift XL Sewing Cabinet Bundle

Kangaroo MOD Lift XL Sewing Cabinet Bundle

This fantastic set offers a lot of premium functions for a comfortable sewing experience. A very ergonomic sewing machine table, it allows you to correct your posture and prevents stress on your hands and spine.

Putting the set together can be a bit confusing at first. Even if you have all the appropriate tools (screwdriver, wrench, hammer) and follow the guidelines, you still might face a few challenges. The helpline was helpful, and it helped assemble the set much faster than by solely following the instructions.

The best part about this sewing machine table is a lot of its parts are adjustable. You can adjust the shelves, remove or input new racks in the drawers, and expand or retract the quilt leaf based on your space or what type of work you need to do each day.

However, unlike the other two sets on our list, this table comes in only one color option: white melamine laminate. The product comes with a 10-year warranty, which provides prospective buyers with extra reassurance to make their purchase.

  • Fits new larger heavier sewing and embroidery machines
  • Quilt leaf expands your work area
  • Plenty of storage with three adjustable shelves
  • Cabinet doors conceal the sewing machine and accessories
  • Top drawer features an opening with a magnetic latch to store the embroidery arm unit
  • Middle drawer features two removable thread racks that hold a combined 80 thread pegs
  • Bottom double drawer provides storage for notions, crafting materials, fabric, and other sewing accessories
  • Built-in ironing mat for the convenient pressing station


3. Home Use – Kangaroo Kabinets II Sewing Cabinet

Kangaroo Kabinets II Sewing Cabinet

This sewing machine table is perfect for more amateur seamsters who work from home and do not have a lot of space dedicated for their sewing work. A significant advantage of this sewing machine table is you can place it in any room inside your house due to its generally smaller size.

A drawback of this table is that you will be able to fit only certain types of sewing machines. This sewing table can support machines up to 55 pounds and larger sewing machines, such as some models from BabyLock, Brother, Janome, and Elna. Some sewing machines might be able to fit, but you will have to either keep the sewing table in specific positions or adjust it, depending on the machine.

Make sure to learn all about custom inserts for sewing cabinets, as getting the right insert might be you need to make a larger sewing machine fit on your table. A custom machine insert is available to provide a flush surface, but it is optional and is not automatically included with the set. Therefore, you will have to purchase it separately.

The table and the sewing cabinet also do not feature any doors or leaves, so the sewing machine will be exposed in all three positions.

Due to the smaller size of this table, the assembly is much easier compared to other sewing tables. The instructions also seemed much simpler to understand, which made the setting up of the table fast and easy.

  • Adjustable hydraulic lift with three positions
  • Designed with a gas strut mechanism with a 45-pound capacity
  • Quilt leaf stored on the back of the cabinet
  • Large left drawer includes a removable cover to expand your work area
  • Remove cover for compact storage
  • Removable front panel to use knee lifter
  • Heavy-duty locking casters provide stability and portability



Being a professional seamster, you will know that accidents can happen when you least expect them. If your sewing machine breaks down while you are on a deadline, it can cause you a lot of stress. Thankfully, is here to help you.

Besides selling a large variety of sewing equipment and tools, also offers fantastic repair services with expert technicians that understand the importance of time in your line of business. Bring in your malfunctioning machine, and you will get it repaired as quickly as 3 to 5 business days.

If you are handy and want to try to troubleshoot your machine yourself, you can look at the frequently asked questions that may guide you in repairing your sewing machine in no time. Technicians are also available to assist you by phone and help you with everything you might need.


Good sewing machine tables are essential for the operations of seamsters. Though, the search to purchase one can be slightly challenging because there are a lot of factors to consider. The size of your space, the storage you need, the tasks you hope to perform, and your budget are all important things to have in mind while you make a purchase. Thankfully, with the guide provided above, you should be able to make an educated selection that will best serve your needs.