How to Thread a Janome Sewing Machine

Threading a sewing machine might sound like a complicated process, especially for those with little experience. But any sewing enthusiast will tell you that you don't need any unique techniques to thread your sewing machine successfully.

It can be a relatively easy task if you know the steps you need to follow. However, you should know the threading process for different sewing machine brands as they might differ from one another. Here are all the steps for how to thread a Janome sewing machine.

How to Thread a Janome Sewing Machine

Step 1 – Wind the thread on the bobbin

Start threading your Janome machine by first threading your bobbin. Take your thread, place it on the spool pin, and secure it. Then, put it around the thread guide, which is on top of your machine on the left side. After that, put the end of the thread through the bobbin hole from the inside to the outside.

Place the bobbin on the spindle while still holding the end of the thread. Now that your bobbin is on the spindle, push the bobbin spindle to the right to release the safety clutch. Make sure that you are still holding the end of your thread, and then press the foot pedal to start winding the bobbin.

You will have to keep holding the end of the thread, but after a couple of seconds, you should be able to let go as the thread should now be secure on your bobbin. Once you have enough thread on the bobbin, take off your foot from the pedal to stop winding. Then, push back the bobbin winder spindle to the left and remove the bobbin. After you are done, cut the excess thread from the bobbin to separate it from the rest of the sewing machine thread.

Step 2 – Thread the sewing machine

Take the end of the thread you left around the thread guide and bring it down, following the instructive arrows on your machine. Once you run the end of the thread to the front, place it around another thread guide located under the top of your machine.

Then, you take your end of the thread up towards the left side, where your take-up lever is. Make sure that the take-up level is lifted to the highest position. Hook your thread through the take-up lever from behind and make sure that your thread goes all the way towards the hole at the front of the lever.

Afterward, bring the thread back down and put it around another thread guide at the bottom, next to the previous guide you went through. Finally, put your thread around the guide on the needle bar and proceed to thread the needle.

Step 3 – Thread the Janome needle

To thread the needle, bring the automatic needle threader and place the thread underneath the plastic hook on the threader and the metallic hook located at the eye of the needle. Hold the end of the thread, and lift the automatic threader. Finally, pull the thread upon the needle.

If you do not have an automatic needle threader, you will have to thread your needle by hand.

Step 4 – Load the bobbin

Now that you have prepared your bobbin, you must load it on your sewing machine. First, open the cover of the bobbin case, and place the bobbin inside. Ensure that the thread goes counterclockwise before placing it inside the case. Once inside, place the end of the thread in between the bobbin tension spring blades, which you can find in the bobbin case.

Now, you have to put the upper thread over the bobbin. Use the handwheel and turn it counterclockwise to put the upper thread over the bobbin and pull it up alongside the bobbin thread. Make sure that the threads are under the foot and towards the back of the sewing machine. Finally, put the bobbin cover plate back on. You can also use the Needle Up/Needle Down button to load the bobbin.

Ta-Da! Success in How To Thread a Janome Sewing Machine

If you are a beginner in sewing, threading your Janome Memory Craft sewing machine can seem like a big challenge. However, if you follow the steps that we detailed above, you should be able to learn how to do it efficiently on your own quickly.

You just have to remember to wind the thread on the bobbin, thread the sewing machine, thread the needle, and finally load the bobbin thread.

As long as you keep repeating these steps, you will eventually get to the point of doing it without looking at any instructions, as they will become a routine for you. After you learn how to thread your sewing machine, you will be able to start sewing all sorts of beautiful creations using your favorite stitch and fabric to create something all your own.