Husqvarna Epic 2 Sewing Machine

The Husqvarna Epic 2 sewing machine is the second in Husqvarna Viking’s Epic series. Husqvarna Viking is a well-known and long-standing brand originally from Sweden, founded in 1869. Today, it is one of the top brands in the market, so its quality is expected.

The Epic 2 model offers several innovative features that make it highly user-friendly and allow sewists to do their work fast and effectively. Having replaced the Epic 1 model, this new version has many more features, making it much more than a simple upgrade.

Moreover, it is one of the best machines in the market that combines sewing, embroidery, and quilting capabilities, an essential characteristic for many experienced seamstresses who want to make the most out of their equipment.


  • The stitch quality is superb
  • Helpful features
  • Great design
  • It requires very little maintenance by the user


  • It is pricy
  • It requires a lot of time to know how to use it

What You Need To Know

Purchasing a new sewing machine can undoubtedly be stressful, considering that most sewists use their machines for a very long time. When you are ready to buy a new one, you need first to decide if you are planning to upgrade or not.

If you do not need to upgrade, you can get a basic sewing machine that you can use to make all the regular sewing tasks easily. However, if you plan to upgrade, you need to seriously think about how you want to spend your money and make a smart investment.

A combination machine that allows you to do sewing, quilting, embroidery, and more is perfect for those that want diversity out of their machines. If you plan to work on many different projects, perhaps a machine such as this is what you are looking for. However, if you value simplicity and need your machine to do only one specific task, this machine might not be for you.

Features And Benefits

The Husqvarna Viking Epic 2 model is quite an upgrade from its predecessor because it has many new and exciting features.

If you happen to own the older version of this machine, you should check with the manufacturer as you might be able to add a lot of the new features to your machine. Because the machine is computerized, you can simply get it upgraded.

Now, let’s take a look at the features included.

Adjustable Laser Sewing Guidance System

Adjustable laser sewing guidance is extremely convenient considering the amount of time many of us spend pinning and marking our fabrics to transfer everything on the pattern to the material and ensure that it gets adequately seamed. The laser guide saves you so much time, and it is perfect because you can easily adjust it as you like. There are buttons to turn towards the left or the right for better alignment.

Personally, when quilting, it is always stressful to make sure that the markings from the pattern are exactly as they should be on the fabric. This leads to spending a lot of time double-checking it. While it is a wise practice to have, a machine that would make this process easier for sewists is often preferred, and the Husqvarna Viking Epic 2 does that.

In the video below, you can take a detailed look into the capabilities of the laser guide:

Integrated Dual-Feed Technology

Integrated Dual-Feed Technology

This product has an integrated dual-feed technology, which is great because it helps you work on fabrics that are harder to sew on, such as those with multiple layers. For that reason, it is a perfect feature to have if you are quilting.

This feature works as a built-in walking foot, helping the fabric get through quickly. The dual feed technology feature looks like a lever that hooks onto your actual foot. Depending on what you want to do, you can also disengage it if you like until you need it again.

This feature helps you sew on multiple layers of fabric or specialty fabrics, as it easily feeds fabric from the top. It also eliminates the need for a separate walking foot. You can engage or disengage this feature as needed.

mySewnet™ Library

You also get access to an entire library of high-quality embroidery designs that you can choose from directly on your screen. This feature is quite innovative, and the library is full of new and ready-to-use designs, including theme stitches, multi-directional stitches, yarn stitches, pop-up stitches, and applique stitches. There are even options for embroidery hoops. The library updates with more designs as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi.

You can also download the appropriate apps on your smartphone and update, transfer designs between devices, and get perfect embroidery design placement by transferring photos to the machine.

Learn about the new opportunities and get sewing instructions for unique high-quality embroidery designs that you get with this library below:

Exclusive Stitch Techniques

Exclusive Stitch TechniquesA new menu with exclusive patented stitch techniques is included in this machine that helps you create fantastic new creations. There are so many options on this menu that you might have trouble deciding what option to select. If you press the pictogram icon on your scream, you will find details about the laser pictogram stitches.

Wider Decorative Stitches

Decorative stitches now have a stitch width of up to 9mm, 2mm more than the previous 7mm maximum stitch width capability.

Add-On Features

Multi-Function Foot Control

Another good feature of this great sewing and embroidery unit is the multi-function foot pedal, which can help you control your project better. Many find it useful as it has provided me with a much larger sense of control than other machines. The significant part is that it can be adjusted as needed for various sewing functions.

Optional Ribbon Embroidery Attachment

The optional ribbon embroidery attachment feature is great because it makes adding a ribbon to your embroidery so easier. It is unique among the other sewing machines, so you will not find it in most other machines, even if they are from the same brand. Below, you can learn more about this innovative feature:

What Other People Say

Most of the comments online indicate generally favorable reviews of the Husqvarna Viking Epic 2 model. The cases where people mentioned any negative experiences mainly had to do with factory defects, which are covered by the product’s warranty and the company usually replaces it for you.

Overall, this sewing machine seems to have excited several sewists with all its features. However, some novice users found it more challenging to use. Perhaps someone with more experience with basic equipment might find it harder to get used to a machine like this. Thankfully, the machine includes many instructions that can make it easier for someone to learn how to use it.


1. Janome Horizon MC14000

Janome Horizon MC14000

This Janome machine offers a lot of similar automation as the Husqvarna Viking Epic 2. You get an automatic cloth guide, the AcuFeed Flex feeding system, the AcuView Magnifier, and the AcuFil software. You can also access a library with various stitches that you can select from for your projects.

Of course, the Janome machine is relatively more expensive than the Husqvarna Viking.


2. PFAFF Performance 5.0

PFAFF Performance 5.0

Much like the Husqvarna Viking Epic 2, this Pfaff machine also includes the Integrated Dual Feed (IDF) feature so your fabric can remain even when sewing.

However, the Pfaff Performance 5.0 includes a much smaller interactive color touch screen and lacks much of the software the others have.


3. Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Touch

Singer 9985 Quantum Stylist Touch

The Singer 9985 offers many stitch positioning and editing capabilities that the Husqvarna Viking Epic 2 does.

However, the interactive color touch screen is much smaller, and this machine does not seem to have the functionalities of the helpful software the Epic 2 includes.



The Husqvarna Epic 2 sewing machine is one of the most advanced and multi-functional sewing machines on the market, offering exclusive patented stitch techniques, optional ribbon embroidery attachment, laser pictogram stitches, embroidery mode, and more. The multiple features make it irresistible to many as it promises an exciting, easy, and great sewing experience.

More importantly, it is the perfect equipment for people who look for sewing machines that can offer various services as it is considered one of the best-combined machines on the market. Click on the link above to learn more about the Husqvarna Viking Epic 2.