Where to Donate Sewing Machines

Most people tend to keep their sewing machines for many years because many popular sewing machine brands make durable pieces of machinery that withstand the passage of time. Therefore, most sewists replace their sewing machines only if they stop working.

However, when someone decides to replace their working sewing machine because they simply want to upgrade, the issue of what to do with the old machine is created. While there are not many things you can do with a broken sewing machine, your options with an old but still functional sewing machine are much greater. One of the best ways to let go of your sewing machine is to donate it.

Donate Sewing Machines: Benefits All Around

Donating your sewing machine has a lot of benefits. First and foremost, you get to feel good about giving someone something without expecting something in return. Not everyone is capable of supporting their communities in big ways, but a small thing like donating something that you own can go a long way.

The emotional gratification of knowing that you are doing something good and helping someone else should not be taken lightly. It is the little things that can bring people joy, and supporting someone else will definitely make you feel good.

Of course, another important thing that makes donating such a better option is that the option of selling it requires you to put much more effort into it. To sell a machine, you will have to get it appraised or do some research so you can know enough information to price it properly.

Then, you will have to promote it for sale and be attentive to any requests you might get. You also need to be aware that you might have to negotiate with prospective buyers looking to purchase your machine cheaper.

By selling it, you will have to dedicate much more time than you would have to if you donated. Moreover, the fact that you will try to sell it does not mean that you will be successful in doing so. Therefore, you might put a lot of effort into something that might not even turn out as you thought.

How to Package Your Machine For Donating

Packing your sewing machine is an important thing that you need to pay attention to before you send your machine away. It is essential to package your machine properly to prevent any damage from occurring en route. This is even more important if you are shipping your machine somewhere and not dropping it off yourself.

First, you will have to find a large box that will fit the machine and has space where you can add some bubble wrap, styrofoam, stretch wrap, or any other type of material you can use to protect your machine. Make sure to add more protection to areas that might be easier to get damaged as a precaution.

You should also remove any items that can be detached from the old sewing machine and wrap them separately. For any of the accessories that come with the machine, make sure to also wrap them separately. Ensure that any sharp items are wrapped securely and separate them from anything else.

It would also be helpful to make a note on the sharp item to warn the person unwrapping the machine to be careful as they do so. You should also place all the smaller items together in ziplock bags so they won’t get lost.

Finally, tape the box properly so it won’t open on its way to its destination. A good precaution is to also double-box your machine by using a second cardboard box to ensure safety.

donate sewing machines
Credit: Pixabay

Places To Donate Sewing Machines

There are a lot of places where you can donate your old sewing machine. First, make sure to look into the local charities. This might be the easiest way to find out if someone is looking for sewing equipment. One thing to note is that a registered charity will also be able to provide you with an official receipt for your in-kind donation for tax purposes.

Centers for older adults are also a great place to look into for a sewing machine donation. Several of these places tend to offer different types of activities, including sewing classes, to older adults, but many times, they lack the budget to get new equipment. Donating your functioning sewing machine to an older adults’ center can brighten the day of many people who love sewing and spark their creativity.

Another option for a donated sewing machine is colleges that offer sewing classes. Small-scale colleges don’t always have good equipment, so your donation could help more people learn how to sew. Similarly, you can also look if any of the local schools need any sewing equipment.

Church groups could also be a good place to donate, as many people at church form groups that revolve around certain activities. Alternatively, prisons could also be a good option as many prisons often offer various classes so the inmates can learn important life skills. Your local prison might have sewing classes, so it could be a perfect place for donated machines to be utilized in a sewing class or private sewing lessons to teach new sewists.


Donating your machine will not only make you feel good about yourself, but it will also help other people, and you will be a part of an effort to support more people who are entering the world of sewing.

There are a lot of places where you can donate unwanted sewing machines, so make sure to do your research and find out where your machine is needed more. Another thing to pay attention to is to ensure your machine is packaged properly so it will be received intact.